Since 1993, Sandhya has steered the creation and executive management of Masala Radio.  She created the original name, Music Masala, which years ago was modernized to Masala Radio, with the parallel creation of Masala Cruises and Masala Entertainment.  Along with life partner Sunil, she has created the structure for growth from a two hour radio show, to an iconic company known for high standards of entertainment and production in the Indo American community in Houston for over 25 years.  Born and raised in Houston, graduated from the Honors Program with a BBA in Finance and an MBA in International Business.  The lure of Indian music, fashion, event management took her away from her early stock broker career, and kept her life completely on the edge every since.  Her passion is relentless to create and execute Indian Entertainment and Cultural events, visualized in over 40 Masala Cruises sailing around the world with over 15,000 guests, and organizing countless Concert Festivals such as Holi, Rath Yatra, Ganesh Chaturthi, Garba-Raas, and Diwali Fesival for audiences over 17,000 guests, all of which keep the rich culture alive in Houston, especially for the next generation.  Never a dull moment in the world of Masala.

Since 2010, Rinku has been managing sales with her deep commitment to excellence paired with a fun-loving, approachable, and very positive nature.  Rinku manages the Masala behind the scenes team and has earned the admiration and respect of both clients and crew members.  Beyond the serious side, here are some fun facts about Rinku: She first & foremost LOOOOOOOOVES Shahrukh Khan and has watched all his movies.  She LOVES Bollywood, daily uses at least one famous filmi dialogue like “Bade Bade desho mein aaisi choti choti bathey hoti reheti hai Senorita”.  While Bollywood films are her stress-buster, not a day goes by without listening to Bollywood music., especially her favorite 90s, dance songs, and to workout with all the Dhinchak songs!  SHe admits to being a true Bong (person of Bengali origin), and her weakness is for Bengali sarees and costume jewelry, even to the point of being called “Pagol” in Bengali (Crazy)..  Fiercely loyal to Masala Radio and her friends, and family, she tells everyone “Hum duniye pe nehi logo ke dil mein raaj karte hai.”   She is loving mother of two boys, and married to her Opposties-attract husband Deep.  As an advertiser, rest assured you will be taken care of by one of the best in her field!

Since August 2022, Aahil has been churning out the most creative Instagram reels & Facebook videos that our Masala fans have ever seen!    A self-starter, he transplanted himself from Hyderabad to Houston, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking – with the clear goal to make it big in Bollywood one day.  He’s obsessed, in […]

Since 2022, Jigisha Desai adds her masti-filled, magnificent personality and vibrant energy…the true Masala Mastani! A Gujju girl from the vibrant city of Surat, Gujarat, she is a happy wife & a loving, proud mother of a young son. She has studied Engineering in India, and then earned an HR / psychology degree from University of Houston but radio is her dream, her passion! She is full filmi and Bollywood resides in her heart. She loves to talk, act & dress up everyday like a celebrity. Her mantra is that if you feel happy & good about yourself only then you can make others happy. With her enthusiastic & talkative nature she has won the hearts of our listeners and she entertains them every day from 12 pm to 2 pm from Monday to Friday on her lunch hour show Masala Madness.

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