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Since 2012, Ina -vibrant and cheerful chhel chhabili Gujarati – has graced Houston airwaves with her sweet voice and charming commentary on almost any topic! An avid Music Lover, Ina has accumulated vast memories and knowledge of various genres of music, specializing in Black & White Bollywood classics & Gujarati folk songs.  In 2013, she initiated and co-started the Sunday morning show Chel Chabilo Gujarati, allowing her to enrich Houston airways with her in-depth knowledge of the Gujarati regional language, culture, and of course vibrant music.

An insurance agent by profession with New York Life, and a full time mother of three strapping young gentlemen, she is a staunch believer in holding on to her culture and her roots. A true Mumbaikar at heart and a Houstonian by soul.

She is passionate about Gujarati language and to keep it thriving she teaches students in a Gujarati Sunday school.

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