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Since 2009, Priya has rocked the show with her mastery of the 80s and 90s Era of Bollywood in her show creation Time Travel Tuesdays.  Born and raised in Houston, Priya was a teenage fan of Masala Radio, faxing in requests for her parents anniversaries since 1993.  She studied dance at the age of 4, and in her young years developed a passion for dance from wathicng her favorites Meenakshi Sheshadri in Hero, and of course Sridevi and the imitable Madhuri Dixit.  Even before she joined as a Radio Jockey, Priya was a leading choreographer for Masala Cruises since 2003, performing on cruises from both the US and Europe.  Ten years later in 2013 she started her own dance company, Ek Do Teen, married a year later, and welcomed her first sweetheart in 2016.  Currently Priya is on break enjoying her second child, and will be back soon to the delight of her 90s following.