Masala Crew

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Since 2019, Kushbu has kicked off Mondays with full-on Bollywood Drama.  Storytelling is in her DNA, and she delivers the closest thing to a weekly Masala Serial as she recants film plots from different Bollywood genres like progressive movies, comic capers, filmi remixes, action heroes, actresses in a negative role, and the list goes on!  […]

Since Jan 2020, Haroon has created a stir among the new generation kids with his rare collection of breaking Bollywood Remixes, Pop and Underground Bollywood in his show “Friday Night Disco.  He was born and raised in Saudia Arabia as the youngest of four siblings and grew to be the coolest uncle for all his […]

Since 2019, Chandani has added her witty Bollywood opinions to the Afternoon Rush Hour on Thursdays with Sunil T and Amit G.  She had previously interned with Masala Radio back in 2006 while still in college studying Journalism and Business, then had a busy life graduating, developing a career as a Financial Advisor with Northwestern […]

Since Jan 2020, Simra has been adding her bubbly positivity to Afternoon Drive Time Dhamaal with Sunil T every MON and TUE from 4-7PM.  Born in Orlando, Simra moved to Houston in the middle of her school years, successfully integrating her strong desi roots with her fun-loving American nature.   A student of the University of […]

Since May 2020, Shruti has added the Sunshine to our weekday Masala Mornings from 7AM- 10AM!  Born in New Delhi, she is a Desi at heart who grew up in Houston, TX.  Armed with a BA in Media Studies from Emory University, and an extensive background in Indian music, on-air she weaves a variety of […]

Since APR 2020, Seerat radiates her infectious laugh with Sunil T on Wednesdays’ Drive Time Dhamaal.  A Native Houstonian, she completed her Masters in Public Health from the University of Texas in Austin and works in an exciting consulting career in the Houston Medical Center.   Her parents – both pharmacists – her younger sisters Baseerat […]

Since 1993, Sandhya has steered the creation and executive management of Masala Radio.  She created the original name, Music Masala, which years ago was modernized to Masala Radio, with the parallel creation of Masala Cruises and Masala Entertainment.  Along with life partner Sunil, she has created the structure for growth from a two hour radio […]

Since 2010, Rinku has been managing sales with her deep commitment to excellence paired with a fun-loving, approachable, and very positive nature.  Rinku manages the Masala behind the scenes team and has earned the admiration and respect of both clients and crew members.  Beyond the serious side, here are some fun facts about Rinku: She […]

Since 2016, Bhavisha has moved up to Audio and Graphics Production Management at Masala Radio Events.  She started as a volunteer at Holi, progress to Events & Marketing Management before taking on the challenging yet rewarding role of all the creative ads you hear round the clock, and all the flyers plastered all over the […]

Since 2019, Alisha even at such a young age, she has mastered almost every aspect of Masala Radio, from performing on air, to administration, and now to keeping our clients happy and their promotions current!  Alisha was born and raised in Mumbai, and has only recently arrived in Houston with the latest in Mumbai’s pop […]