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Since 1993, Sandhya has steered the creation and executive management of Masala Radio.  She created the original name, Music Masala, which years ago was modernized to Masala Radio, with the parallel creation of Masala Cruises and Masala Entertainment.  Along with life partner Sunil, she has created the structure for growth from a two hour radio […]

Since 2010, Rinku has been managing sales with her deep commitment to excellence paired with a fun-loving, approachable, and very positive nature.  Rinku manages the Masala behind the scenes team and has earned the admiration and respect of both clients and crew members.  Beyond the serious side, here are some fun facts about Rinku: She […]

Since June 2022, Priya has joined the Crazy Masala Crew to take special care of our valuable Sponsors.  She is a Jabra Bollywood fan – her favorite Bollywood Hero is Ajay Devgan and she loves all his movies especially Runway 34.   Priya moved to Houston from New Jersey in the summer of 2019 summer […]

Since August 2022, Aahil has been churning out the most creative Instagram reels & Facebook videos that our Masala fans have ever seen!    A self-starter, he transplanted himself from Hyderabad to Houston, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking – with the clear goal to make it big in Bollywood one day.  He’s obsessed, in […]

Since May 2022, Chaitali has set our social media on fire with her unique story telling talents!  She has a silent yet talkative personality and is usually the first one to greet you when you call in and help with whatever you are looking for. She administers all the Radio Quiz & FB / IG […]

Since 2011, Khabri Kkkkiran has been keeping you updated about the latest happenings of India, Bollywood and the world around. She is the voice behind Mrs. Bhalla who shares the latest gossip from her mohalla and has her funny take about everything on earth.  She is the adept content writer for Sunil Thakkar and has […]

SINCE FEB 2021, Shivangi has created a stir on Masala airways with her saucy but trendy Bollywood Buzz.  Its useless to stop her on the street and ask her “did you know…?”  If its about Bollywood, about India, or even about Houston, she already knows it – the trends feed is not on her phone […]