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SINCE FEB 2021, Shivangi has created a stir on Masala airways with her saucy but trendy Bollywood Buzz.  Its useless to stop her on the street and ask her “did you know…?”  If its about Bollywood, about India, or even about Houston, she already knows it – the trends feed is not on her phone its in her brain!  Shivangi, a native from Uttar Pradesh easily calls the entire world her home. Having lived in multiple parts of India and internationally, she has imbibed the filmy and cultural nuances adeptly making her a database of entertainment! As a happy go lucky “incidental” software engineer her heart has always been with bollywood and clearly manifested in her childhood dream to be an international RJ just like Preity Zinta in Salaam Namaste. But dad said “ be an engineer…life set hai”! So here we have a techno-entertainer amalgamating what dad told with what she always wanted, working as the content producer for Masala Radio. When you love something with your heart…the universe conspires!  When not being “single” on air or in production, she is nesting with her chatterbox son and loving hubby.  And yes, please always have a coke or pepsi to break the ice with her….

Since May 2022, Chaitali has set our social media on fire with her unique story telling talents!  She has a silent yet talkative personality and is usually the first one to greet you when you call in and help with whatever you are looking for. She administers all the Radio Quiz & FB / IG […]

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