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Tapori-Style Showcase of 80s & 90s Bollywood Gems

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This special summertime show is an amazing combination of Sunil's shers answered with Amit's exquisite 80's & 90's Bollywood gems.  If you don't find yourself saying "wah kya Khub" and "gya Gaana bajaiya" throughout the show, "tho mera naam Masala Radio nahin hai."  Songs and Shers complimented by the era's tapori comedy style.

This special 80s, & 90s Retro Bollywood show laces with stories and shers (poetry) showcasing exquisite Bollywood gems.  If you don’t find yourself saying “wah kya Khub” and “gya Gaana bajaiya” throughout the show, “tho mera naam Masala Radio nahin hai.”  Songs complimented by the era’s tapori (Mumbai street langugage) comedy style.

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Since 1993 Sunil has been entertaining a strong following with quirky quirky humor & upbeat messages.  He weaves in light-hearted commentary on daily current happenings in Houston / Buzz on Bollywood / and India trends with trendy Bollywood Music.  His love for everything Indian is evident in his passionate promotions of the best of local […]

Since 2017, Amit has been rocking Rush Hour with his unique music and wit from a mixed of Desi roots and USA upbringing.  He has been RJing for 20 years now for several radio channels across the US.  Apart from radio, I am a business consultant, professional cameraman, cricket commentator and an avid cook.  Born […]

Since 2018, Anees has hit Houston Rush Hour by storm with his quirky Indian memories and anecdotes!  Born in Mumbai, Anees spent most of his life in Rajkot where both parents were teachers.  His favorite Bollywood movies are Don and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, favorite actors Amitabh Bachchan & Aamir Khan, favorite actresses – Priyanka Chopra and Katrina […]