Since 2019, Vineet has delighted ghazal-lovers with his soul-stirring selections.  Classics like Pankaj Udhas and Jagjit Singh aside, he introduces rare songs that mesmerizes every Thursdays 8-10 PM on Masala Mehfil.  Vineet experienced the tragedy and triumph of others through his undercover Indian CID work: the depth of human despair in divorce over secret lovers, inheritance battles between father and sons, municipal bribery rings, the awful wake of drug trafficking. When he could no longer bear the stress of his investigations, he pursued a career change, almost assuming a different identity in Houston in 2010.  His reflections on human emotions have led him to write, and professional record his own original ghazals, which you can hear on many streaming platforms including Spotify.  Vineet uses his skills and knowledge as a singer to translate ghazals to modern day audiences, and creates a deeper appreciation of this unique genre of Indian music.