RAJOO / Radio Jockey since 1994

RAJOO shows

Public Demand

Relive your college days w/ classics from the late 70s and 80s.

Weekend Dhamaal

Unlimited Laughter Therapy mixed with the latest Bollywood Hits!

Since 1994, if Google has a question about Bollywood, they’d call Rajoo!  Being Masala Radio’s music director is a role he exemplifies with his choice of songs.  Gifted with a knack for finding humor spontaneously, Rajoo also is our local tapori, who idolizes the incomparable music director, R. D. Burman, and his superb musical compositions.  Specializing in the color era of Bollywood, Rajoo comes up with interesting themes for the weekly Public Demand show while engaging callers and providing glimpses with fascinating anecdotes into the lives of the actors, the movies, the songs.  Bollywood and beyond.